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What is the status of the project?

Pardee Homes’ Weston community was unanimously approved by the City of San Diego in September 2013 and received approval of its annexation agreement from the City of Santee in October of 2013. Following these approvals, Pardee Homes worked closely with the California Chaparral Institute, Preserve Wild Santee and the Center for Biological Diversity in a collaborative agreement to further enhance wildlife and habitat preservation in plans for Weston. These minor improvements to the project including; a slight increase in the size of the public park and ensuring protections for Quail Canyon Creek were unanimously approved in July 2015 by the San Diego City Council. The San Diego Local Agency Formation Commission approved the reorganization of Weston into the City of Santee in November 2015. Grading operations started in July 2016 to prepare the site for construction.

What is the Weston project?

Weston is a master-planned community of approximately 415 homes located on a 204-acre parcel of land in eastern San Diego.

Where will the Weston project be located?

Weston is located just off of SR 52 and north of Mast Boulevard in the City of San Diego and in the East Elliott Community Planning Area.

Who is the developer?

Pardee Homes is the developer of Weston. Established in 1921, Pardee Homes provides new home choices for a wide range of families, with particular focus on master-planned settings that also include schools, parks, employment centers and preserved open space.

What type of community is Weston?

Weston is as an environmentally sensitive community balanced by open space, energy efficiency, habitat preservation and protection of wildlife corridors and trails adjacent to and throughout the community.

How much will the homes cost?

The pricing for Weston homes are still being finalized. Pricing is generally released just prior to homes being available for purchase. We anticipate this information being available in fall 2017 and encourage you to check back then

Did Pardee Homes work with the City of Santee on the Weston project?

Yes.  Since 2003, Pardee has been extremely proactive in meeting with Santee City officials throughout the planning and processing of Weston and will continue that collaboration through the community’s construction.

How can the community be assured that Pardee Homes will honor its commitments regarding the design and development of Weston?

Pardee Homes is in business for the long-term, as evidenced by the quality homes, master-planned communities, and commercial and office space the company has built since 1921. Pardee Homes’ commitment to the communities where it builds begins long before construction begins and continues long after new residents have settled into their homes.

Is Pardee Homes planning to protect open space in the area?

Nearly one-half of the Weston site will be preserved as permanent open space. Weston will include an improved two-mile public trail located in close proximity to the adjacent open space and parks that will provide opportunities for active recreation.

What kind of infrastructure improvements will be included within Weston?

Weston will contribute its fair share toward infrastructure enhancements and water, sewer and utility systems.

How will Pardee Homes address the issue of increased traffic in Santee?

Any traffic impacts resulting from the project were identified and vetted as part of the planning and approval process to ensure there are no significant impacts. A number of improvements are planned on Mast Boulevard as part of Weston construction, including the addition of two new traffic signals. On westbound Mast Boulevard, a right-hand turn lane will be added to accommodate vehicles entering Weston via the future Weston Road to be located west of Medina Drive. On eastbound Mast Boulevard, a right-hand turn lane will be added at West Hills Parkway. These lanes will allow motorists to turn onto West Hills Parkway and into the project without affecting the main traffic flow on Mast Boulevard.

What are the pools of water seen on site after rain events?

During grading, our team is working to ensure compliance with all necessary construction requirements including erosion control and best management practices. As such, temporary capture holes have been constructed to ensure the collection and containment of storm water during grading and construction. The holes are engineered and sized accordingly for each location. The Weston site is self-contained and the water in these holes will be used for grading operations, and if necessary may overflow into the newly installed storm drain infrastructure. The Weston site, including these holes, is monitored daily by trained professionals to ensure compliance with construction requirements.

The Weston community was previously known as Castlerock. A name change was made in Summer 2017 to better reflect the lifestyle and amenities offered within the future development.