Open Space Castlerock


Pardee Homes’ commitment to the environment is demonstrated within the communities it builds. Through incorporation of the LivingSmart® Program, extensive preservation of open space and the use of natural and non-renewable resources, Pardee Homes continues to lead the way in green and sustainable building.

Throughout San Diego County, Pardee Homes has dedicated more than 2,000 acres of open space, restored hundreds of acres of farmland, maintained dozens of trails and protected and created numerous wildlife corridors.

In the Weston community, this commitment to the environment will be showcased with the permanent preservation of nearly one-half of the project site as natural open space that is consistent with the Multiple Species Conservation Program (MSCP). The MSCP is a comprehensive program to preserve more than 900 acres of natural habitat and open space in San Diego County that make up the unique biodiversity of the region.

In addition to the preservation of open space, Pardee Homes will also invest in the preservation and management of vernal pools located on the Weston site. Vernal pools are seasonal wetlands that support vegetation and wildlife species and are considered a valuable environmental resource. As good stewards of the land, Pardee Homes will invest in the preservation and management of five existing seasonal vernal pools that are located within the open space area of the Weston site and will restore wetland areas adjacent to the vernal pools that support fairy shrimp and vernal pool flora.

Before Pardee Homes decides to develop any property, extensive environmental analyses are conducted to determine the presence of any species so that proper mitigation steps are taken to protect those identified. Pardee Homes remains committed to the environmental preservation and restoration efforts it has established in the communities in which it builds.

The Weston community was previously known as Castlerock. A name change was made in Summer 2017 to better reflect the lifestyle and amenities offered within the future development.